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If your TV attacks you @ home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Martin Kast   
Friday, 20 April 2012 18:20

Today’s electronic devices like TV’s and Bluray players as well as “Pods” that are dependent on a single source of OS software that demands updates each month and remove any control on what will be loaded on them; Are they the enemy in your house?

E.T. wants to call home! This already happened back in 1982 when the alien tried to get a cab back home, sent his GPS data and organized for the transport back to his planet (Kepler 22b?) and travelled as a hitchhiker back to some place we do not want to know more about. This was twenty years ago. Now it’s reality with Samsung TV’s calling home to Korea for software updates, Bluray players only playing the newest movies after having submitted your usage statistics and preferences (ask yourself what movies you watched last month, they will know…). It is somehow scary how much data we give away for free, things you never you thought that might be important will help profile yourself and all members of your family in one go, add to the “big data” on you already out there and will support any advertisements and other activities that focus you as a customer. DO YOU WANT THAT HAPPEN? How much control do you give to your electronic devices at home? Is the Internet connection at their discretion or do you cut the lines after the updates? As we today do not know what’s going on in the TV, Bluray players or on our PC’s during the automatic updates there is a high risk of loosing control over our own data and in near future over our own life. I hope that clever product designer soon will invent the offline capability for our daily helpers that will ensure full data protection and allow us to take back the control over the resistors and transistors we bought with our own money.

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